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Taste Health: Where healthy and delicious happily co-exist

Are you sick of making the choice between delicious and healthy? We were too. So we made a new line of chocolate that is both! Sweetened with allulose, this healthy chocolate has all the incredible flavor notes found in our regular bars but contains no sugar.

Health Benefits

In addition to all of the wonderful health benefits cacao offers, our chocolate is sweetened with allulose, a natural sweetener that has shown many dietary benefits.

Delicious Variety of Inclusions

Whether you’re looking for classic flavors or something a bit more exotic, Taste Health has the right chocolate for you! Explore different flavor notes while not having to sacrifice your health standards. Drawing upon natural flavor notes and inclusions, we bring you flavorful chocolate that also sustains your health. We are constantly developing new, delicious flavors, and currently offer a classic Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts, Coconut Milk, and Coconut Milk + Chai. With limitless possibilities, our Taste Health Collection will expand your love for chocolate in new ways while also supporting your health and well-being!

Superior Taste

Sourcing the best cacao from around the world allows us to highlight specific genetic flavor notes, based on the given origin and environment. Various characteristics of cacao manifest themselves during their growth. Taste Artisan Chocolate proudly sources cacao from suppliers who are committed to ethical and sustainable growing practices, ensuring you the highest quality! Throughout the entire Taste Health collection, you will experience a variety of unique flavors that emphasize the natural qualities of the world’s finest cacao.

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