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Qantu - Gran Blanco 70%

Qantu - Gran Blanco 70%

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Grown in technically unsuitable conditions, rare white cacao from Piura is a miracle of nature, lending notes of citrus and honey with a sweet finish.

This native Creole white bean from the Valley of San Juan de Bigote, is grown in arid soil which is techincally unsuitable for cacao cultivation. Thanks for biological evolution, this cacao thrives in its home and is one of the rarest and sought after cacao varieties in the world.

TASTING: honey, citrus fruits, golden berry
PAIRING: barrel aged spirits like whiskey and rum, fortified wines like sherry and vermouth, dessert wines like madeira and port
CACAO ORIGIN: Peru, Valley of the San Juan de Bigote district, Piura, Peru • Altitude: 200 MASL (meters above sea level)
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