The Factory

Welcome to Taste Artisan Chocolate

Nestled in the shadows of Mount Timpanogos in Downtown Provo, Utah, we seek to bring you chocolate with superior tastes, which includes numerous health and nutritional benefits, and highlights locally-sourced ingredients and communities. Together, these focal points bring you the ultimate experience and delight of high-quality, artisan chocolate.

Collaborations with Local Producers

In addition to valuing the origins of our internationally-sourced cacao, we also celebrate local vendors and farmers. We work with these partners to create chocolate that reflects scenic vistas, festivals, and traditions based on the region surrounding our factory. As we continue to explore new regions of the world, we hope to collaborate with producers in those locations to create innovative chocolate flavors that showcase their unique food culture. Sharing such specific cultural elements through locally-sourced ingredient inclusions provides you with unforgettably rich experiences when tasting our chocolate.

Superior Taste

Each pod of cacao holds unique genetic flavors, specific to their origin and environment. We develop chocolate in ways that highlight such genetic flavor profiles, providing you with distinct experiences that reflect the incredible natural flavor notes from regions around the globe.

The rich and authentic genetic flavors of each bean elevate the quality of each bar of our hand-crafted chocolate. As we source beans from all over the world, we partner with growers and suppliers that are committed to sustainable and ethical growing practices. They take extra care with each step to ensure we receive cacao of the highest quality with unique and interesting flavor profiles. 

Health Benefits

Unbeknownst to many people, cacao holds numerous health and nutritional benefits. Cacao is very high in antioxidants, specifically flavanol. These antioxidants help lower blood pressure and improve the function of blood cell walls—further decreasing the risk of developing heart disease. Additionally, specific flavanols found in cacao may greatly benefit brain health—including blood flow and cognition. This may also lower the risk of developing dementia. Cacao is also a strong source of fiber, which aids in the development of fatty acid chains that benefit your digestive system. In addition to these physical health and nutrition benefits, cacao (specifically dark chocolate) has been proven to reduce stress, further supporting your mental health.