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A Priori

Naive - Porcini Dark Milk Mini

Naive - Porcini Dark Milk Mini

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 “Lithuanians loves their mushrooms, that is a fact. Each September, mushroom-hungry folks return to their super secret spots where all the best ones grow. And if you know the place, you keep it to yourself – this is the number one rule of mushroom picking. The second rule – do not pick the mushroom with the red and white spotted cap.

First thing in the morning, mushroom pickers comb the forest and start collecting the first loot of chanterelles, birch boletes, slippery jacks and even cranberries. Step by step they move through the dense branches and swampy moss deep into the woods. Leave nothing to others – that is the true spirit of mushroom picking!

And if you follow all these rules you might be lucky enough to find the King – the beautiful porcini mushroom! Just be sure to camouflage the place as you will have just found a super secret spot.”


This is limited edition chocolate made for true flavour adventurers. Wild porcini mushrooms paired with high quality chocolate. Nutty, woody but with an extremely beautiful finish – this chocolate bar is truly the rule breaker.

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