Dining in Reservations: What to expect

RESERVATIONS: Updated 11/9/20

We are so excited to have guests with us, and we have been very thoughtful about how we can offer a great experience, while also exercising an abundance of caution to keep both our patrons and staff safe and healthy. In light of this and of additional state guidelines, we have chosen to have reservations for Afternoon Tea, Fondue, and Chocolate Tasting Classes only at this time. Here is what to expect during your in-house dining reservation:

  • First and foremost, masks are required for all patrons and staff, but we assure you we are smiling underneath with happiness to see you!
  • Reservations are taken by-phone or on-line at this time. Our phone number is 801-900-4061. We prefer reservations made at least a day prior to booking, but please call if you need same-day to see if we have a spot available.
  • We may pre-set your tea service or fondue order just before you arrive. If possible, please pre-order your drinks as well, as we would like to have these ready when you arrive.
  • Please plan to stay with us for about an hour. There may be an opportunity to stay longer depending on following reservations, so check with your server, but be prepared that there may be only one hour for your visit. This is to allow us time to sanitize each area and reset between reservations.
  • There will still be walk-in traffic for food pick-up and curbside. They will be directed to the front ordering center, and the front area has been opened for direct access for chocolate and take-out customers.
  • Upon have hand sanitizer for you, and if you would like to wash your hands, the bathroom is also available. 
  • If you feel someone in your party is ill, in a health-compromised group, or not ready for in-door dining, please consider Afternoon tea-to-go, and join us when the Covid-19 situations improve.

 Thank you for your support and for following these guidelines while we prepare to move into the next phase of availability! We are really looking forward to seeing your happy faces!